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Now you can have INSTANT SKIN TIGHTENING and FAT REDUCTION with the first and only system powered by the innovative TriPollar RF technology in the aesthetic market today.  It has advanced operational features you can expect from high-end aesthetic/medical equipment, including comfort, cutting edge technology and an exquisite design.

This revolutionary RF technology reduces both superficial and deep layer fat, the appearance of orange peel skin and treated area are firmer with better color, as well as renews and regenerates collagen, resulting in facial contouring, long term skin tightening and improvement of overall skin texture.

Regen provides selective dual electro-heating of fat in one applicator, creating simultaneous heating of deep and shallow fatty tissues, without the need for any cooling (unlike other devices on the market), the system eliminates this step of skin cooling altogether by focusing the necessary heat to targeted cells and producing an even faster outcome, ultimately resulting in a safer treatment with immediate visible results from the first treatment.

Recommended treatment: 
Best done in conjunction with Endermologie treatment to achieve better results.
Treatment is once a week/fortnight, maintenance once a month.


Starts from $150.00 depending on area required.

Before and After Images

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