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Not only will it increase your security, but will also provide you with a reliable way of restoring your site in case of unexpected errors or issues. Last but not least, in order to have a successful WordPress site, you must harden its security. Just as WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it also turns out to be the most hacked. All you need to do in order to take advantage of this technique is to install and enable a plugin such as Rocket Lazy Load.

We highly recommend that you use Bluehost because they are one of the largest hosting companies in the world. They are also an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. WordPress is known as the most popular website builder in the world.

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners: Step by Step Guide (

We hope this WordPress installation tutorial helped you learn how to easily install WordPress. You may want to check out our list of these 40 useful tools to help you manage and grow your WordPress site. If you do not want your website to be visible to search engines, then you can check the box next to search engine visibility. Later when you are ready you can change this from WordPress settings. If you are unsure about what to do, then simply leave it unchecked. QuickInstall is another popular auto-installer used by many hosting companies like HostGator and others.

Guide to Using WordPress

Once you have installed WordPress, you will see an easy-to-use dashboard with links to different areas in the left column. From here, you can create pages for your website or write blog posts. In this WordPress tutorial, we have now learned how to install and use WordPress in order to create and manage your very own website. As your WordPress site grows, so does the amount of text, images, code and other media files. Access the same Appearance section, press the Upload Theme button and select the theme’s .zip file. It can take up to a few minutes for the uploading process to complete.

Installing and Activating a Theme

Another essential part of website design is its mobile application. You’ll want to ensure that your website runs smoothly on mobile, that images load properly, the text is legible, and buttons are intuitive to click. Other key aspects of your website design include its functionality, simplicity, and ease of use.

The main reason for that is because WordPress is easy to install which makes it easy for anyone to create a website. Finally, optimize your website for search engines and make it mobile-friendly. With this guide, creating a professional and functional website with WordPress what is wordpress used for becomes achievable for everyone. Remember, the right theme should enhance your content and provide a seamless user experience. Once you have learned a good bit of these languages, you can start learning how to code your own plugins and custom WordPress themes from scratch.

Divi Theme & Page Builder

Now, you will be asked to select the domain name where you want to install WordPress and enter a directory path. First, you need to login to your HostGator hosting account’s dashboard. From here, you need to click on the ‘QuickInstall’ icon under the ‘Software’ section. Congratulations, you’ve now installed WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account. After choosing a hosting provider, you’re ready to install WordPress.

Guide to Using WordPress

You would need some very basic search skills (i.e know how to use search engines like Google), and the ability to follow instructions. WordPress also powers the most popular eCommerce platform called WooCommerce. You can use WordPress to start an online store (without writing any code). It is ideal for small businesses to make their online presence, at the same time it is economical enough for bloggers to launch their first blog. To enable auto-updates, navigate to the WordPress dashboard’s plugins section. Click enable auto-updates on any plugin you’d like to update.

Guide to Using WordPress

First, you need to choose the domain where you want to install WordPress. You can change them if you want so that they are easy to remember for you. However, we strongly urge you to always use a strong password. See our guide on the best way to manage passwords for WordPress beginners to learn how you can manage strong passwords easily. It allows you to easily install popular web applications like WordPress with just a few clicks. Hosting companies like SiteGround and InMotion Hosting use Softaculous in their control panel.

  • WordPress allows you to use third-party themes and plugins.
  • It is easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as advanced users.
  • Once you have installed WordPress, you’ll reach the WordPress dashboard or the admin area.
  • This is how you’ll log in to your WordPress dashboard when working on your site.
  • That’s why you should look at our beginner’s guide on how to choose the best WordPress plugin.

Updating your theme regularly keeps your WordPress website fast and secure. Plus, it gives you access to useful new features and security patches…. WordPress is a robust platform that supports different website types, including blogs, online portfolios, and eCommerce stores. With over a billion active websites today, providing users with a positive experience is crucial to stay competitive.